How to quit smoking
How to quit smoking

How to quit smoking - For smokers the eternal question is how to quit smoking, many have tried nicotine patches and drugs but more and more are turning to hypnosis once they realise that it is safe and effective.

Watching television can give you the impression that hypnotist is a person with magical powers. Seemingly these practitioners can instantly have us do their bidding. Many people fear that they can be forced to act foolishly or even that they will do something dangerous or criminal.

If you are contemplating hypnosis to quit smoking the best thing you can do is ignore the television and certainly ignore friends and others who have heard stories about someone, that someone else may or may not know, who may or may not have visited a hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis is safe because it is simply not possible to do anything you don't want to do. No one can make you do anything that you are not willing to do, that includes quitting smoking. Many parents and partners have asked me to help their child or partner, but unless they are willing to quit for themselves then there is nothing I can do.

It also means that I cant make them dance like a chicken or run naked through the streets. As much fun as it may be for therapists to have that power it just isn't possible.

Hypnosis is effective because it attacks the real problem with smoking. Not nicotine addiction but the emotional connection between smoking and stress and habits like coffee, alcohol driving etc.

Hypnosis allows new positive suggestions to enter your subconscious and replace all those old useless beliefs that smoking holds some benefit for you.

The fact is that hypnotherapy is a very safe and simple process. It just requires a few things.

1. The person must be ready and committed to quitting. It is no good quitting just to please someone else.

2. The smoker must be willing to participate in hypnosis. Any fear or concerns must be addressed prior to the session. Once a person is comfortable then they can successfully proceed

3. The smoker must be willing to forget about phone calls and other matters for the duration of the session. It's a question of priorities. If you can't turn the phone off then you may need to question your desire to quit.

4. Then just relax and allow the suggestions to flow into your subconscious and free you forever from the deadly habit of smoking.


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